The firefighters of the Diputación attended more than 100 services related to the rains.

So far in September there have already been several episodes of heavy rainfall that have caused damage in various parts of the province. The firefighters of the Diputación de Castellón […]

The Diputación reinforces the troops of the fire stations in the face of the risk of forest fires

The Castellón Provincial Council reinforces the strength of the fire stations as a preventive measure against the risk of fires and high temperatures. As reported by the deputy of the […]

David Vicente Segarra, new deputy of the Castellón Fire Department

David Vicente Segarra has been appointed as the new deputy of the Castellón Fire Department Consortium. Deputy for the judicial district of Albocàsser, from the popular group, David Vicente is […]

Bombers Diputació Castelló incorporates more than 3.4 million euros in remnants for the acquisition of vehicles and the construction of the new park in Oropesa

The General Assembly of the Provincial Firefighters Consortium has approved a budget modification by way of incorporation of remnants worth 3,470,025 euros to carry out the construction works of the […]

Letter of thanks to the firefighting teams of Villanueva de Viver wildfire

Last March, the province of Castellón was affected by the Villanueva de Viver forest fire, an atypical fire for these dates of the year, which began on the 23rd of […]

The Castellon province Fire Department presents its first Equality Plan

The fire department of the Castellón Provincial Council has presented its first Equality Plan. The document was approved by the Negotiating Commission on November 23, 2022, and on January 12 […]

Almost 500,000 euros for new materials and equipment

In recent weeks, the Diputació of Castelló Fire Department has received material for a total of 463,000 euros, a strong investment aimed at improving the equipment and response of firefighters […]

Letter of gratitude to the Bejis emergency responders

This month of August 2022 the province of Castellón has been affected by two major forest fires. The first in the municipalities of Costur, Les Useres, Figueroles and Llucena, where […]

The Diputación receives the young firefighter from Benicarló who has won eight medals at the World Cup in Lisbon

The Castellón Provincial Council paid tribute at the Palau Provincial to José Luis Carrión, a young member of the Castellón Province Fire Department squad who has won eight gold medals […]

The Castellon Province Fire Department celebrates a new Fire Prevention Week

The Castellon Province Fire Departament has recovered during the month of May the Fire Prevention Week in its face-to-face format with the opening to the public of the Diputación’s fire […]

17 firefighters and 7 corporals take possession of their places

The Palacio de las Aulas, headquarters of the Diputación de Castellón, has hosted the act of taking possession of seventeen firefighter positions from the Diputación Fire Department and seven caporal […]

Emotional tribute to retired people

The Castellón Province Fire Department has honored the recently retired personnel, a total of 12 people, who carried out their work in the various parks of the province and in […]

The Castellón Province Fire Department rescues six people on three hours

The Castellón Province Fire Department rescued six people who had suffered various incidents in the mountains of the province, in six different municipalities and in just three hours.

Balance of the CPBC against the storm Filomena

The storm Filomena has been one of the most relevant meteorological episodes in recent decades, sweeping practically all of Spain, dyeing it white even at rare heights.

The Castellón Province Departament, with Women’s Day

The Castellón Province Fire Department is made up of a large and complete human team, full of men and women who provide a fundamental service to citizens from their various areas.