More than one million euros for clothing, vehicles and equipment

More than one million euros for clothing, vehicles and equipment

The Provincial Council of Castellón invests more than one million euros in clothing, vehicles and equipment for the professionals of the Castellón Province Fire Department.

“Protecting the lives of our firefighters is protecting the lives of the families of our province. And our duty is to make it possible 365 days a year.” This is what the provincial Firefighters deputy, David Vicente, has considered, who has announced an injection of 1,083,714 euros to “ensure the lives of those who look after ours.”

From clothing, to equipment, to rescue equipment, helmets or vehicles, such as fire engines and operational trucks, these are the new acquisitions of the Provincial Firefighters Consortium aimed at improving the safety of personnel during interventions. “Firefighters are operational 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Ensuring them with clothing that protects them, the material that allows them to face risk situations and vehicles equipped with the appropriate safety conditions is a duty for this institution that for the first time in its history is headed by a woman, Marta Barrachina,” as has been stated, declared Vicente.

This sensitivity imprinted on the institution’s new policies has made it possible to expedite the purchase of resources “that were absolutely urgent”, such as the intervention boots that the Provincial Council has purchased for 67,766 euros and that have already been delivered to the firefighters.

Along with this safety footwear, firefighters will soon have equipment for action against the velutina wasp, awarded for 9,700 euros, as well as safety equipment for the Mountain Rescue Unit (URM), awarded for 34,248 euros, in addition of sports equipment for training also awarded for 38,000 euros. The investment is completed by pneumatic cushions for rescue, contracted for 74,700 euros, and helmets for Civil Protection for an amount of 8,228 euros, currently in tender. The investment package will also allow the Provincial Firefighters Consortium to be provided with two command units that for an amount of 113,947 euros will be received immediately, as well as two fire engines, which with an investment of 737,125 euros are subject to a process of award that is in its final phase.

The Castellón Province Fire Department processes this investment included in the budget for 2024. With 22,783,405.04 euros, the financial allocation for next year increases by 0.76% compared to the current year.