The Castellón Province Departament, with Women’s Day

The Castellón Province Departament, with Women’s Day

The Castellón Province Fire Department is made up of a large and complete human team, full of men and women who provide a fundamental service to citizens from their various areas.

This March, on the 8th, International Women’s Day is commemorated, and the Fire Department wants to highlight the important work carried out by the 71 women who are part of the Fire Department.

Currently, women are represented in all areas of the same, both in the fire department, whether professional, voluntary or forestry, as well as in the volunteer work of the provincial Civil Protection group, the operators of the Provincial Coordination Center or the different professionals from the administrative area. Without distinction of genders in the performance of their jobs.

Certain areas, such as administrative, are made up mostly of women while in other facets such as firefighter women were pioneers when they joined the Fire Department in its first year of foundation, although today their presence in this area is still much lower than that of his male companions.

Today women represent about 12% of the entire human team of the CPBC. The Fire Department is committed to equality and an increase in the presence of women, which is why it wants to encourage the participation of women in the different selective tests carried out by the Fire Department.

Undoubtedly, the example of all of them will be inspiring for the girls of the province to dream of being firefighters when they grow up. Because the Castellón Province Fire Department is convinced that your dreams today will be the profession of tomorrow, helping to build a better and even more equal Fire Department.