Setting up the Winter Plan

Setting up the Winter Plan

The president of the Provincial Council of Castellón, Marta Barrachina, has verified the availability of all the material and human resources of the Provincial Fire Consortium and the Road Maintenance Service of the Provincial Council, all of them coordinated and prepared to be able to act in the event of inclement weather. meteorological. “Providing an agile and effective response is a priority for this Provincial Council and that is why the device for this winter includes all the machinery that can provide service and assistance on the road in case of need and emergency in the face of inclement weather typical of winter,” he stressed. the president.

Regarding the device of the Fire Department of the Castellón Provincial Council for the 2023-2024 snowfall campaign, the plan has 20 snow removal machines, 10 salt vehicles, 30 auxiliary vehicles and 250 tons of salt, “prepared so that when snow is recorded in the province, everything is underway,” explained the president of the provincial government.

In terms of human resources, the device adds 190 human personnel daily, from the Benicarló, Oropesa, Nules and Segorbe fire stations; members of the URM (Mountain Rescue Unit), who have a rescue snowmobile for URM and an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) equipped with tracks for snow rescue.

The volunteer fire stations of Morella, Benassal, Lucena del Cid, Atzeneta and Onda are also part of the device; the 15 rural emergency parks with their respective forest fire units of the Generalitat. The UML (Heavy Machinery and Logistics Unit) of the Fire Consortium with 5 loaders, a milling machine and a mini multipurpose shovel, and members of the Civil Protection unit of the Castellón Provincial Council integrated into the Provincial Fire Consortium complete the device of emergencies.

On the other hand, the president of the Provincial Council has highlighted the fact that “for the first time, we have taken a step forward by promoting a road service focused on road conservation and winter road services.” Marta Barrachina added that “with this impulse we reflect the commitment of this Provincial Council to safety and efficiency, maintenance and preservation on the roads, preparing ourselves for any challenge.”

In this regard, the conservation, road maintenance and winter road equipment that is available are three pick-up type all-terrain vehicles with 4×4 traction, for the road, winter road and emergency equipment with couplings to install a trailer, wedge snow plows and salt and brine spreaders. The device also has a van to transport personnel and various equipment with couplings to install a trailer, a 4×4 truck with driver with couplings to install a front snow plow blade and a combi automatic flux and brine spreader equipment; in addition to a mixed shovel with a backhoe. The device is completed with small machinery that will be available in each of the pick-ups and the van of the conservation team and that will include luminous waterfalls, manual brush cutters, chainsaws, blowers, signage sets, boxes with tools and traffic light sets. Each of the pick-ups and the conservation team van will have one unit of each of the elements that make up this small machinery.