Decades of experience

The evolution of the Diputación Fire Department has always had a main goal: to offer the citizens a better service day by day

  • 1988. First Station Baix Maestrat (Benicarló)
  • 1989. Opening of central services The place from which everything is coordinated
  • 1990. The Volunteer Fire Department is created In the Espadà-Millars Station (Onda)
  • 2006. First Rescue Unit Nowadays we can find 6 Rescue Units
  • 2016. Map of the Stations 9 Fire Stations and 12 Emergency Rural Stations are reached
  • 2016. Helipad Maps. 25 facilities to offer a better response

Total services 2023

Industrial Fires
Home Fires
Traffic accidents
Global Services

Our philosophy is based in a comprehensive service that reaches every corner of the province.

A modern and effective Fire Department made up of more than 400 people in our troops, who serve more than 400.000 inhabitants.

Who are we

Public service vocation guides all our actions


Since 1988 we stand next to the citizens of Castellón province. Decades of experience and a professional and close service.

Experience and proximity

Prevention is key to avoid emergencies. We conduct campaigns for the citizens and vulnerable sectors such as children and elderly people.


We manage a comprehensive emergency service model. We have human and material resources specialised in the different types of risks.

Comprehensive service

To turn the Castellón province into a place which is fully prepared to confront risks and emergencies, protecting its citizens, its goods, and the environment.


Your protection is our priority