Almost 500,000 euros for new materials and equipment

Almost 500,000 euros for new materials and equipment

In recent weeks, the Diputació of Castelló Fire Department has received material for a total of 463,000 euros, a strong investment aimed at improving the equipment and response of firefighters to all kinds of situations.

These investments include €200,000 in the acquisition and installation of 9 new breathable air recharging centers for all the fire stations. One of the main innovations is that they have a steel cabinet that guarantees the integrity and safety of recharging operations. Also in this area, there is an investment of 102,124 Euros, which incorporates 20 new harness and back protectors for self-contained breathing apparatus, equipped with the Dräger Bodyguard 7000 system, the most advanced and safest current technology. Likewise, 50 face masks of the most modern model on the market, the FPS7000, and 150 new composite bottles of breathable compressed air have been incorporated.

On the other hand, close to 25,0000 euros have been allocated to the acquisition of 19 thermal cameras for individual use, very useful in indoor fires, helping to locate possible victims, hot spots and damage to structures. These thermal cameras for personal use complement the conventional size thermal cameras that each park already has, and which are currently also expanding in number of units.

Added to the advances in technology are another €20,000 of new audiovisual equipment for the URA Aquatic Rescue Unit, specifically intended for underwater search. State-of-the-art equipment that increases the capacity and safety of divers in certain underwater searches, a double inspection underwater system. The Castellón Provincial Council Fire Department has been the first fire service in the Valencian Community to provide its aquatic rescue unit with this technology.

With regard to other innovations, 4 new multi-purpose generator sets have been purchased for €88,316. This equipment allows you to work simultaneously with various high-flow bilge pumps, provide power to all the means and facilities of the Provincial Council fire department destined to form part of a PMA, and supply emergency power for certain areas in critical infrastructures until the arrival of the corresponding equipment. There are three mobile teams and one fixed and, depending on their function, they are assigned to the fire stations of Baix Maestrat, Plana Baixa and the Machinery and Logistics Unit.

Finally, there is an economic item for hoses and lances to renew the existing material, and in this way replace the material affected by the forest fires this summer and have a quantity of stock of these products. The investment in this case has been €28,000.